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Customer Testimonials for our Bamboo Supersoft Range:


"These socks are real soft"

from Todd Aaron Buel


"Great sock really cool how it is so small but expands and fits comfortably."

from Big Spender


"I was pleasantly surprised with the fit and feel of these socks. Very soft and comfortable. The price seems reasonable compared to some of the more widely advertised brands. Quality is definitely very good."

from JCLO


"Loved these socks. Perfect fit and so soft!"

from Hubb


"My first set of running socks and I absolutely love them! I am prone to heel blisters but not with these."

from Kimberley Wilder



Customer Testimonials for our Merino Ultracomfort Range:


"I live in Florida and it's summer. These socks do not feel hot while being worn. Very comfortable. I hope to buy a few more pair. These are my first pair of Merino wool socks and I'm impressed. Worn all day in hot leather shoes and my feet still feel dry and no foot odor. I highly recommend trying these."

from Mat


"Love these socks! My feet are always cold and these keep my feet just right- not too hot; just warm enough. When I put them on, the support in the arch on my foot feels great as well."

from Rebecca Urioste


"Really like these socks!! Love love love! Bought 3 pairs!"

from Elise Guttridge


"Very comfortable socks that feel really cushy. Definitely kept my feet dry and blister-free."

from K


"Great socks. Thick, but not hot. Super comfortable. Just right, and made of Merino to resist funky smells. If you're travelling, this is the pair you want"

from Douglas A